Marc KF Chow

    BSc (Building Engineering – Environmental)
    MBA (Consultancy), WELL AP, MHKAAST

    Marc is a tech-driven green businessman with a qualification as Accredited Professional of WELL Building Standard from the US, and a member of The Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology. Being a specialist on IoT+IAQ he established relevant companies WOOFAA, XaSER and UrbanClimo with different market positioning and partnership.

    He was a building services engineer by training, and had an early career dedicated to smart building automation system. He graduated in recent years from the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park incubation program on a building energy project. He is a known figure in Hong Kong startup communities with a vision of green future for generations to come.

    Technology Incubation Network (TIN) in Hong Kong Science Park

    IoT+IAQ Specialist

    You may know many people with expertise on IoT (internet of things) or IAQ (indoor air quality). But you seldom find one who knows both, now you meet one here who can put two together working in harmony…

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    Internet of Things (IoT) in the 90’s

    Marc dedicated his early career in smart building since his undergraduate study in University of Bath, England.

    His internship was placed in the London and Reading offices of Cerberus (a Swiss company on intelligent fire system). He got first job after university in the Hong Kong office of Johnson Controls (a Fortune 500 US company in smart building systems) as a technical sales specialist.

    IoT in Facilities

    Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    Professionally trained as a building services engineer, who learns the in and out of all kinds of electrical and mechanical engineering systems within a built environment.

    In layman terms that mean centralized air-conditioning system, fire, security, plumbing, drainage and as such.

    Marc focused on a niche segment since recent years within that engineering trade, and dug deep in to become an expert among peers.

    IAQ in green building trade

    Engineer Turned Businessman

    Engineers are all trained to remove risks, something that a businessman need to know and to deal with everyday inevitably. The gap in between is huge invisibly and many tech-driven startups failed there when crossing over.

    Marc found his intrinsic business acumen is indeed much better than his well trained engineering mindset only after few years of work. He then worked 5-year in a regional multiple-trade executive search firm and studied an MBA during that tenure. He than established his first startup in year 2000 as an eBay seller, and accomplished over US$3MM online sales, achieved financial freedom in a decade.

    Gap crossed


    In 2012, Marc was invited to join as a co-founder of a startup team on building energy management and carbon credit exchange. He was picked because it was rare to find someone who possessed the knowledge domains in both building engineering and e-commerce.

    The project was incubated by an institute but the regional carbon exchange market did not evolved as we envisioned. But discontinuation of that project became a start of his own entrepreneurship on IAQ as of now.

    Marc has a personality to adopt into the startup community easily and learned its eco system fast. So far he has granted both utilities and PCT patents and secured few trademarks, laying grounds for another level of career achievements.


    A behind-the-scene clip of a video interview promoting the SPRINTER program in Hong Kong Science & Technology Park.

    WOOFAA on patented IAQ product development and distributionFocusing on innovative IAQ product development with patents, and on development cum operations of online/offline sales channels.

    WOOFAA is a registered IAQ consultant with Environment Protection Department (EPD) of Hong Kong Government, and on vendor list of many business corporations and institutions.

    This business entity is to offer solution-based engineering service instead of just product selling.

    撒思洱᛫ 專業室內環境治理工程服務

    XaSER is a registered electrical contractor with Electrical & Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), a registered IAQ contractor with Environment Protection Department (EPD) of Hong Kong Government, and on vendor list of many business corporations and institutions.

    UrbanClimo focuses on development of algal cultivation tech with smart automated controls, as a better alternative to the land-demanding urban forestry GHG reduction strategy. The business is aiming China as its first market.

    Reduce greenhouse gas using microalgae

    News & Updates

    AI Proptech @ AI+U Exhibition 2019

    AI Proptech @ AI+U Exhibition 2019



    Carbon Reduction in 2-second

    Disruptive method to drastically reduce response time of conventional centralized air-conditioning systems, from tens of minutes to a couple seconds, by using integrated tech of vision AI and real-time monitoring of ambient carbon dioxide level.

    It is expected to reduce tones of carbon emission yearly from electric energy saved.

    Interviewed by a leading local newspaper Mingpao on our innovative approach on reducing greenhouse gases tackling climate change.

    Smart Airport Technovation Conference 2018

    A booth invited in Smart Airport Technovation Conference 2018, demonstrated how our smart algal appliance can react to ambient carbon dioxide level changes. Scan QR code in below for more photos.

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