Volvo Asset Tracking on LoRaWAN

Enabled by Actility & Abeeway
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Use Case: Mobile Asset Indoor + Outdoor Geolocation in Volvo Group using LoRaWAN

May 14
To track between 5,000 and 6,000 vehicles in a plant, this asset tracking system is proven to save time and to make manufacturing operations more efficient.
LoRaWAN Asset Tracking Ubiquitous Geolocation Technical Specifications Reference

Ubiquitous Geolocation

One important feature of this use case is that it specifies an asset tracking system capable to cover BOTH outdoor and indoor ubiquitous geolocation integrated in one single IoT system.

Volvo Asset Tracking using LoRaWAN Actility Abeeway

As part of its Industry 4.0 strategy, Volvo Trucks implemented an innovative asset tracking solution designed by Actility, a world leader in IoT connectivity solutions, and Abeeway, its subsidiary specialized in low-power outdoor-indoor geolocation.

Volvo Trucks is easily tracking its truck fleet on the huge parking areas of the production plant, saving time and making manufacturing operations more efficient.

Over a dozen solutions have been thoroughly tested and the Actility+Abeeway solution stood out. The implemented solution is leveraging highly accurate and energy-efficient tracking devices from Abeeway and the smart multi-technology location system optimized for long-range and low-power-consumption using LoRaWAN™ connectivity, managed on ThingPark™ platform from Actility, more precisely using ThingPark Enterprise, allowing to deploy a dedicated and fully controlled LoRaWAN network.

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