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Interesting Taglines on Green Tech Specialists Worldwide

IoT+IAQ Specialist. WELL AP. MInstMC. MHKAAST.
Marc Chow, Hong Kong

Founder & General Manager, WOOFAA

Clean Air for All! We help companies create the best indoor environment for their employees
Jeroen van Straten, Philippines

Founder, Indoor Air Quality Philippines

Consultant, Building and Human Performance Department
Veronika Földváry Ličina, Switzerland

PhD, WELL AP and Faculty, Delos™

EHS Instrumentation & Monitoring Systems – IAQ Solutions
Xavier Zinsch, France

France and Africa Manager, Ion Science

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See The Air – Air quality is my passion – IoT is my joy
Sotirios Papathanasiou, Spain

Advisor, Smart AIr Quality Management

Your trusted advisor for your Smart Building and Digitalization journeys, together
Alex Chan, Hong Kong

Strategic Account Executive & Regional Segment Director, Schneider Electric Asia Pacific

We Share Clean Air | Radic8 | We Are Probiotic
Richard Greenwood, United Kingdom

Founder, Radic8


You are What You Read

IWBI Annual Report 2021: People First Places

IWBI Annual Report 2021: People First Places

Our Progress in Advancing People-First Places, by International WELL Building Institute. Adoption of WELL offerings in 2021 eclipsed 3 billion square feet of space in 109 countries. Today, WELL is utilized by a fifth of the Fortune 500.

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LoRaWAN Asset Tracking Geolocation Technical Specifications

LoRaWAN Asset Tracking Geolocation Technical Specifications

This is a reference for LoRaWAN asset tracking and equipment geolocation tendering/RFQ/RFP documentation. One important feature of this document is that it specifies an asset tracking system capable to cover BOTH outdoor and indoor ubiquitous geolocation integrated in one single system.

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